“Renate has been teaching me German for over 4 years. She has tailored the course to my specific needs as both a business professional and a foreigner living in Germany. We’ve looked at and practised typical business situations like presentations, negotiating, emails and important real life scenarios like pitching to a new client.
Renate has also trained me to deal with a wide array of German authorities and has given me excellent advice in relation to the practicalities of living in Germany e.g how to deal with landlords, get legal coverage etc. I’ve done cross cultural training with her and I now better understand how things work here. Renate also sources out interesting reading materials that match my interests.
She is able to explain grammar and vocabulary so that I clearly understand it. Renate has also proof read and translated many texts for my marketing materials. Her input has always been incisive in creating a more polished and sophisticated result in German.
As well as this, Renate is friendly and relaxed and creates a great atmosphere conducive to learning. I would definitely recommend her as a German teacher, trainer, coach and proofreader (translator).”
Neil Collins
Business-English in Berlin

“I very much enjoyed working with Renate, who is an ideal tutor. She lets you work at your own pace and supports you in setting your own agenda for study – whether you want to perfect your grammar or improve your conversation or reading skills. She is great at recommending enjoyable reading material that exactly matches your level. She is very flexible and you can ask her for help with particular tasks, such as preparing for an important meeting or event, or making sense of some badly-written website or bureaucratic form!”
Robert Farrar alias Merlin Dietrich
Dandy, Neo-Glam-Rocker, winner of Berlin Song Contest 2015

“Renate Blankenhorn hat mehrere meiner wissenschaftlichen und publizistischen Texte professionell und kompetent lektoriert und zwar sowohl bezüglich Textkomposition und Struktur als auch Stil, Satzbau und Orthografie. Die Arbeit mit ihr war ein stets angenehmes Zusammenwirken auf Augenhöhe. Ihr Lektorat erfolgte zuverlässig, pünktlich und auf sachlich höchstem Niveau. Ich fühlte mich und war durch Frau Dr. Blankenhorn stets bestens beraten und äußerst kompetent betreut, was sich hoffentlich auch in zukünftigen gemeinsamen Projekten fortsetzen wird.”
Dr. Melanie Schipfer
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin FIDAM Forschungsinstitut Diabetes-Akademie Bad Mergentheim

“RENATE BLANKENHORN has been invaluable in getting me acclimated to Berlin. From one-on-one German tutorials that teach the language as it is read, written, and spoken; to drafting and translating official correspondence with landlords, insurers, and state agencies; to advice on navigating every arm of what can be a very intimidating bureaucracy, Renate offers the services that every foreigner arriving in Berlin needs, whether you’re staying for a month, a year, or a decade.”
David Levine
Professor of Art, Director of Visual and Performing Arts, Bard College Berlin

“Renate Blankenhorn is the best introduction to the German language, Berlin, and German culture as a whole that you could possibly have. She combines the skills of a language instructor — at all levels, from beginning to advanced — with those of a city guide and local interpreter, expertly tailoring her instruction to your interests and personality. Studying with her will help make your time in Berlin an unforgettable experience.”
John Parker
Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Virginia

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