German Text

Writing, proofreading and editing

  • Do you need a translation into German proofread?
  • Do you have questions about whether your German text strikes the right note, or achieves its goals?
  • Would you like your German draft polished or restructured?

With the Language Support Service GermanHelp I offer feedback and advice on all matters related to writing, whether for personal or business purposes, editing or publishing.
On-line instruction (via email) available.

As a teacher, in both a university and private language school context I have taught academic and creative writing. My experience encompasses correcting various kinds of texts, as well as writing and editing in both academic publications and more popular media, such as magazines, radio and social educational projects.

My fees depend on the kind of service you require, and the length and difficulty of the text in question.

Reading and analysing German texts

  • Would you like to improve your German reading abilities?
  • Reading aloud is also a great way of working on and improving your pronunciation!
  • Do you want to read and better understand German texts in the media, literature or other specific publications in relation to cultural contexts and specific subtexts?
  • Would you like to analyse and discuss differences in code, language use, tone and style in various media?
  • Are you interested in changes in language, language contact and intercultural influence and keen to discuss such phenomena looking at German language use in the media?

With the Language support Service GermanHelp I offer feedback and advice on all matters related to reading German.

Lessons take place in a relaxed atmosphere at my home in Prenzlauer Berg.
Duration and frequency of classes are negotiable and can be tailored to your situation.
My standard rate is €50 per hour.

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